2020-10-06 - New Addon Compilation? Yes... but hold your horses.

A new Addon Compilation release after almost four years? Wow! However, before you freak out: This is NOT what you might think or expect. I realized that most of the compilation entries would not appear in the EDuke32 launcher when using this with the World Tour groupfile, so I supplied a separate batch file (addons_wt.bat) for that purpose. This new version won't gain you anything if you are using the Atomic Edition - there are no new or updated addons in this version whatsoever. There is also no need to download the entire pack again for just a few kilobytes, so I have made a small patch over at the Duke4.net forums which saves you a lot of time and bandwidth if you have version 3.13 installed already.
And no worries: The REAL (huge!) update has not been forgotten and I am still working on it!

Our nice little Voxel Pack is doing fine in the meantime. mxrtxn is currently working on Caribbean voxels which we will hopefully soon be able to use in EDuke32 without having to edit internal Voxel Pack definitions.

Furthermore, we are currently thinking about retiring the old HRP and compile a new version (which would bear a different name which has not been decided yet) with upscaled original textures, sprites, voxels and SC-55 music. It would be much closer to the original artwork and might have a realistic chance of being completed within a reasonable amount of time. Also, most of the work for it is actually done already.

That's all for now. Get back to work, you slacker!

Updated downloads:

  • [UPDATE] EDuke32 Addon Compilation v3.14: Added proper World Tour support

  • [UPDATE] Duke!Zone II Fixed Release v2.0.2: Sound definition fix (reverted to v2.0 state)

2020-07-10 - Hanging in there

In this difficult time of disaster, disease and suffering, it is important for you to remember two things: 1) We are still alive and 2) We are still working on something (even if it does not look like it all the time).

The Voxel Pack has made some progress in the last few months, mostly thanks to Borion and his amazing additions. Be sure to check out the latest version which is from now on also linked in the Downloads section.

Unfortunately, no substantial news regarding HRP (no surprise considering nobody is really working on it any more) and Addon Compilation. I intend to make some progress with the compilation, but it's hard to catch up with recent substantial EDuke32 code changes and the remaining issue with custom maps loading from internal groupfile folders is also still unsolved. There will possibly be a test version in the hopefully-not-too-distant future, though.

Until then: Stay healthy, stay safe! Wear those masks in crowded places - help protect others!

Updated downloads:

  • [UPDATE] Duke3D Voxel Pack v1.3 pre4: 69 new and 11 updated voxels (since pre2), updated maphacks

  • [UPDATE] Duke!Zone II Fixed Release v2.0.1: Fixed predefined sound #207 not being overwritten by custom definition

  • [UPDATE] Duke3D Fixes v1.35: Game.con update and various DukeGDX optimizations

2019-11-11 - In the Zone

Two new releases are available in the Download section. Especially the Duke!Zone II update may be interesting since it is now the full version and not a patch any more, you can directly use this with your Duke Nukem 3D copy to play the three new episodes. Free of charge, of course!

We have also seen quite a bit of progress with the Voxel Pack project, mostly due to the tireless efforts of Borion who added TONS of new voxels since the beginning of the year. A final new version isn't ready yet, but the current pre-release is already very stable and has everything you need to play. You can check out Voxel Pack v1.3 pr2 over at GitHub, it's absolutely worth it!

HRP and Addon Compilation haven't seen any updates in quite a while, but at least the compilation might receive its long-awaited major update quite soon, depending on how fast a remaining EDuke32 issue with loading custom maps folders from groupfiles can be fixed.

Info about updated downloads:

  • [UPDATE] Duke!Zone II Fixed Release v2.0: Standalone release (no patching required), tiles014.art converted

  • [UPDATE] Duke3D Fixes v1.3: Skyboxes & Grabbag.mid removed, newer game.con fix, widescreen weapons

2018-12-24 - Merry Christmas

One last news update before 2019!

Unfortunately, I don't have nothing new for the download section just yet. While my work on the new addon compilation release is complete, EDuke32 is still not ready to run it with all the changes I have applied to the addon files. Hopefully it won't take much longer in 2019 before the port is capable of running everything as intended. I will definitely keep you guys posted as soon as there are any news regarding the topic!

Please mind that a lot of extensive changes have been applied to EDuke32 recently which obviously have broken support for the addon compilation to some degree. You may either only be able to run the standalone addons or none at all (since your launcher may freeze during the loading process). Latest r7299 snapshot from today should take care of these issues. Otherwise, please use older snapshot builds from a few months ago.

There's still something new for you to try: A Christmas-themed Duke3D addon with 8 maps surfaced over at the Duke4.net forums which you may want to get into that special mood for the season.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody out there!

2018-03-08 - Hibernation is over

Back from the dead after almost one year without news here. Shame on me!

This year started well for Duke fans so far. First, Voidpoint's highly anticipated Ion Maiden preview has finally been released at the end of February, then Fox surprised everyone with the Total Meltdown TC just one day later!

It's time to show some sign of life from my side, too! The Duke3D Voxel Pack has been updated for the first time since four years, adding a few new voxels that have been posted in the Duke4.net forums in the meantime and adding a neat feature: voxel rotation for pickup items!

The changes for the Voxel Pack v1.2 in detail:

  • [ADDED] Voxel rotations: Pickup items now rotate (code by Hendricks266)

  • [ADDED] New voxels: 561 (soap), 572/991 (shower part), 716 ("Please wait" sign), 864/865 (powerswitch2 off/on), 909 (tree trunk), 979 (hanglight), 1009-1011 (neon5 sign), 1037 (table), 4373 (cups), 4546 (empty fries box/foodobject17), 4547 (full fries box/foodobject18), 4548 (coke/foodobject19), 4549 (burger box)

  • [UPDATE] Fixed voxels: 1069 (plug)

  • [UPDATE] Maphacks: Taken from latest Duke3D HRP SVN r699

  • [FIXED] Code: Warning in eduke.con (now: animation.con) for action HOLODUKE_FRAMES

  • [CHANGED] Folder structure: Removed "sprites" subdir and sprites.def

Get it from the Download section!

What else? Well, regarding HRP development, unfortunately things remain calm, nothing worth mentioning. However, the Addon Compilation will see a HUGE update in the near future! Right now, I am still waiting for EDuke32 to get some new code which will allow me to modify some addons, and a couple of widescreen graphics for new compilation entries are still missing. Besides that, it's pretty much done. Just need to test everything one last time before you can get your hands on it. Stay tuned!

2017-04-30 - Jimmy Dukes It Out In D.C.!

At long last, the Duke DC Music Pack v2.0 has arrived!

What you get with this is nothing less than a completely new soundtrack for Duke It Out In D.C. with original music, composed by James "Jimmy" Paddock. This creative guy has already shown his qualities as a composer in many Doom community projects (including standalone efforts such as his "Harmony" MIDI Pack), and this debut contribution of his for a Duke3D-related game is a remarkable event that deserves acknowledgement.
Initially, I had already proposed this project to Jimmy back in 2013 (free of charge back then), but it got delayed and did not really kick off before 2016 when it turned into a commission. Until January 2017, I have worked closely with Jimmy to give him ideas about the addon levels and which atmosphere I wished to be conveyed with the music. For digitizing the MIDI files (included in the music pack and usable ingame if two lines in duke3d.def inside of the zipfile are edited), we decided to use Maxime Abbey's Arachno Soundfont for best overall quality. In my opinion, the result is absolutely fantastic. For the first time, the DukeDC levels get their own, individual tracks and feel better than ever when you play them!
Maybe some of you who were using previous versions of my music pack (featuring selected music from various artists) may have problems getting used to the different approach at first, but I am absolutely convinced you will quickly learn to love it just as much as I do!

You may download the new DukeDC Music Pack right away in the Download section or listen to the tracks on Youtube first if you are curious.

All that's left to mention is that it was a great pleasure for me to work with Jimmy. Thank you so much for this amazing effort, pal!

2017-01-12 - World Detour

Due to content-related issues, all World Tour files have been removed from the download section.
If you are looking for files to make World Tour work with EDuke32, please check Hendrick266's thread in the Duke4.net forums.

Thanks for your understanding and my apologies for the inconvenience.

2016-12-06 - Saint Nicholas unloads his bag: EDuke32 Addon Compilation v3.13

And yet another update! Not much to say about this one, just grab it if you like.

Changelog for EDuke32 Addon Compilation v3.13 (compared to v3.12):

  • [UPDATE] Red Series: "RED1: RedDuke" ingame map title renamed to "The Long Road"

  • [UPDATE] Space Map Pack: "Moonbase Beta" ingame map title renamed to "Beta One: Moonbase Beta"

  • [UPDATE] Taivo Pack: "Dogville 2012", "Taivo Deathcity", "Seven" and "Napalm Death" added

  • [UPDATE] The Chronic: Door texture alignment correction for CHRONIC2

  • [UPDATE] Urban Map Pack: Replaced "Red-Light Romp" with version 2.0 (from 2013)

A reminder: You can get all new files from the development folder.

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