Duke Nukem 3D: High Resolution Pack v5.4 (June 15, 2015)

Check out details here (especially recommended to newbies) >>

Here you can get the files required for running the Highres Pack. The EDuke32 Polymer renderer offers superior lighting, effects like specular maps and more eyecandy. For compatibility purposes, you can still run the previous renderer (called Polymost) with less features, but increased speed.

HRP contents have been optimized for the EDuke32 Polymer renderer. Polymost users will experience issues (e.g. badly aligned HUD weapons) and should consult the FAQ for workarounds!

Self-extracting (7-Zip) archive which will create a new folder 'Duke3D' on any drive/directory you specify. No shortcuts will be created, just launch the game with eduke32.exe from the installation dir (or create a shortcut on your own).

This package includes
  • Duke Nukem 3D HRP v5.4 (SVN build #674)
  • EDuke32 binaries (r5267/June 15, 2015 - also included as zipped 32/64-bit releases with Mapster32 editor)
  • Roland SC-55 Music Pack v4.0
  • Duke Nukem 3D v1.3d shareware episode (duke3d.grp, duke.rts) *

Comes without installer or extra files and requires a previous HRP installation. Put this file (duke3d_hrp.zip) into your EDuke32 "autoload" dir manually AND remove any other HRP, update pack or maphacks before launching the game.
Please make sure to use latest EDuke32 binaries!

HRP file pulled from the SVN repository. Newer than latest official release, but untested. Otherwise like zipfile release above. Use this file at your own risk!

* Owners of the full version please replace duke3d.grp with the file from their 1.3d Registered/1.5 Atomic CD-ROM/digital copy!

Duke3D HRP v5.4 FULL SFX (986 MB) - Self-extracting archive with everything needed to play
MD5 checksum: 2ACF16B0C6113A69AB9194AE2BD21CBB
  Duke4.org | Mega #1 (Mirror) | Mega #2 (split 6-part archive - use HJSplit to join) | Burnbit

Duke3D HRP v5.4 ZIPFILE (890 MB) - Standalone HRP file
MD5 checksum: 1A62C67FC2C18B147284F3B34AF87890
  Duke4.org | Mega | Burnbit

Duke3D HRP v5.5.694 SNAPSHOT (892 MB) - Untested HRP file based on SVN snapshot from Sep 27, 2016 (use at own risk)
MD5 checksum: 770ef4573c67087fc44964c95df46cef
  Duke4.org | Dropbox | Mega


Duke3D HRP-Related Files

Check out details here (especially recommended to newbies) >>

Files you can download in this section can be optionally used with existing HRP installation to further enhance your gameplay experience.

In order to use the DukeDC/Caribbean/Nuclear Winter HRPs, you will also need
- groupfiles of the addons (dukedc.grp, vacation.grp, nwinter.grp)
- Duke3D HRP (addon HRPs override original contents).

Voxels have the advantage of looking much closer to the original sprites than models from HRP. While looking more "pixellated", they maintain the classic feel of the game for a "retro" gameplay experience.
Important: Currently, Polymer does not support voxel rendering!
Usage: Put the zipfile into your EDuke32 "autoload" dir.

DukePlus is a popular mod for EDuke32. It offers enhancements that affect both visuals and gameplay, e.g. transluscent water, gore/weapon damage effects or (optional) weapon replacements.

"Full" version shows fully naked babes (as models and on screens/posters), "Lite" version only removes bras.
Usage: Place the zipfile into your EDuke32 "autoload" dir and make sure it's loaded after the HRP.

DukeDC HRP v1.62 - by NightFright
[Highres Pack] Last update: 2014-08-31 | MD5 checksum: 1FF010DE96C65F645D7570978D5949EA
[Music Pack] Last update: 2012-12-19 | MD5 checksum: BD38FF2110081C630580149363BED844
  > DukeDC HRP (61 MB): Duke4.org | Dropbox | Mega | Burnbit
  > Music Pack (60 MB, optional): Duke4.org | Dropbox | Mega | Burnbit

Duke3D Voxel Pack v1.1 (1.7 MB) - by ReaperMan
Last update: 2014-12-24
  Duke4.org | Mega

XXX Pack v1.33 - by NightFright
Last update: 2012-02-12
  > Full (25 MB): Duke4.org | Mega
  > Lite (24 MB): Duke4.org | Mega

Externally hosted HRP-related releases
  > Life's A Beach Plus & Nuclear Winter Plus: Hendricks266
  > DukePlus: DeeperThought


Duke3D HRP Music Packs

Check out details here (especially recommended to newbies) >>

There is a music pack for (almost) every taste. If you don't like the soundtrack that comes with the HRP, maybe try any besides the SC-55 one (which comes with the full HRP release) and see whether it sounds better for you ingame.

- Get this "Music Only" override file (0.2 KB).
- Place it into your EDuke32 "autoload" folder (along with your music pack).
- Run EDuke32. Highres music will be loaded without requiring the HRP file.
- NOTE: If you want to use the HRP, you need to remove duke3d_musonly.zip from "autoload" dir.

Roland SC-55 Music Pack v4.0 (148 MB) - Faithful soundtrack by MusicallyInspired
Last update: 2013-07-16 | MD5 checksum: 352a361458ba3266f41ac755a793a932
  Duke4.org | Mega | Burnbit

Arachno Music Pack v1.01 (127 MB) - Recorded by NightFright with Arachno soundfont
Last update: 2014-06-08 | MD5 checksum: E663522BE254D524236270C240D75706
  Duke4.org | Mega

Gravis Ultrasound "Plus" Music Pack v1.01 (154 MB) - Recorded by NightFright with EAWPATS
Last update: 2014-06-08 | MD5 checksum: 4AC3D8B55AA56717FF1B440BA470E34E
  Duke4.org | Mega

OPL Music Pack v2.01 (254.1 MB) - Nostalgic AdLib soundtrack by High Treason
Last update: 2015-03-05 | MD5 checksum: d53eb3fc76ca9637d855e215201ed543
  Duke4.org | Mega

Mark McWane Music Pack v1.05 (99.6 MB) - Alternate (previous) soundtrack with more variations
Last update: 2009-03-28 | MD5 checksum: 295328fd22f26004cf53c8f640802c89
  Duke4.org | Thundik81

Other Music Packs (Saturn, N64, PSX) - by Hendricks266


Duke3D Bonus Files

EDuke32 Addon Compilation v3.0 (612 MB) - by NightFright (See readme for details)
Last update: 2016-06-30 | MD5 checksum: cccef82612cafb03ec7d580a35bc71e7
  Duke4.org | Mega #1 | Mega #2 (split 6-part archive - use HJSplit to join)

Fixes for Duke Nukem 3D v1.1 (80 KB) - by NightFright (See readme for details)
  Duke4.org | Mega

Duke!Zone II Custom Patch v1.1 (79 KB) - by NightFright (See readme for details)
  Duke4.org | Mega

ReDuke Beta 4 (563 KB) - by K1n9_Duk3 (Re-engineered Windows port for Duke Nukem I. See readme for details)
  Duke4.org | Mega