2013-09-30 - Remember, remember the end of September: Duke3D HRP v5.3 and DukeDC HRP v1.6 releases!

We may not have made it for a summer release, but (very) early fall is still better than waiting until NUCLEAR WINTER!

Duke3D HRP v5.3 is out, guys! Ten months since the last pack was issued, another 100 MB of contents have been added. Here is what awaits you this time:

  • [FEATURE] New maphacks system: Hacks for 500+ custom maps included!
  • [UPDATE] Polymer versions of 15 existing textures added; about 10 new textures (some for Ep.4)
  • [UPDATE] Remakes of existing props models: Airlock sign, microphone, exit sign, hand dryer, Terminator+arm,
    Cycloid Emperor hologram, Dukeburger statue
  • [UPDATE] Remakes of character models for Duke (by Mark Skelton, Tea Monster and Spiker) and
    Cycloid Emperor (by Tea Monster)
  • [UPDATE] Remakes of pickup models: Jetpack, health bottles, First Aid kit
  • [UPDATE] Improvements for Mighty Boot, HUD pistol hands and chaingun muzzleflash
  • [UPDATE] New level stats screen (based on new Duke model)
  • [FIX] Screen alignment fix for HUD scubagear
  • [FIX] Small corrections for pistol and shotgun pickup models (size, rotation, center)

If this amazing list did not impress you yet, maybe these preview screens of some new models will:

HRP 5.3: New Duke model HRP 5.3: New Cycloid Emperor model HRP 5.3: New health bottle and hand dryer models

Once again, a heartfelt thank-you to all modellers and texture artists who have been working hard, coordinating their efforts to get all this nice stuff together in time! Same goes to the EDuke32 coders who are providing us with the best port this game can possibly have - the one it deserves!

Download HRP 5.3 HERE - another fine product of the Duke3D community which is still very much alive, taking good care of one of the greatest FPS classics in PC gaming history!


This isn't even it yet! DukeDC HRP v1.6 is also available, and this time it's better than ever - Spiker managed to get ALL missing highres stuff from the addon done (except for the finale cutscene)! The missing models for Bill Clinton (in DUKEDC9 "Nuke Proof") and the White House (in DUKEDC5 "Capitol Punishment") are added, along with all missing textures, decals and signs. This is a major achievement, turning this into the first complete highres pack of all the official Duke3D addons out there!

What else can I tell you? DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD!

2013-07-16 - SC-55 Music Pack v4.0 / Status Update

MusicallyInspired has finished his update for the Duke3D SC-55 OGG Pack. The major change is that OGG tracks now have loop point metadata tags for EDuke32, making them loop correctly ingame while fading out when being played back externally. Additionally, audio data was compressed and the volume increased to improve the listening experience while playing in general. I have incorporated the new tracks into a ready-to-use SC-55 Music Pack v4.0 over at the Download section.

So, what else is currently waiting for you in the pipeline?

First of all, the next Duke3D HRP release (v5.3) is coming along nicely. Opposite to the last iteration which was kinda rushed, artists have been given estimate deadlines so they could finish new contributions in time. You can expect quite a bunch of updated models and textures this time, even though little new stuff was added. It's safe to say you will get everything this summer still, rather sooner than later.

A small update for the DukeDC HRP might also be happening, not only with adjustments for the new full HRP, but also most likely with a President Clinton model which is currently work-in-progress by Spiker.

Since early May, I am almost constantly busy with a side-project of mine which involves a considerable amount of classic Duke3D addons (such as "The Gate", "Last Reaction & Water Bases" or "Platoon TC", but also many which are much less known) being prepared und updated for easy EDuke32 launch and Polymer playability. Some of you might have already found a test file hidden well in the depths of the Duke4.net forums, but believe me... that's a joke compared to what is about to be published. The EDuke32 Addon Pack - coming soon!

Also worth mentioning:

Rise of the Triad HD is available for pre-order now. You can get it from the Apogee website, GoG or Steam (among others probably, but those should be the major sites for most people). Steam pre-orders will come with the Apogee Throwback Pack for free (which contains the classic shooters Blake Stone, Planet Strike and the original Rise of the Triad)!

Other exciting news involve the release of the long-lost source code for Blake Stone/Planet Strike. Most of you probably do not know about the game, mainly because it got released only minimally earlier than Doom which was superior in pretty much every aspect. Nevertheless, it's a nice little gem from the classic Apogee era which is more than worth playing. The availability of the source code should enable inventive programmers to come up with ports for the game, the most promising one possibly being Blzut3's ECWolf port.

Last but not least, I'd like you to pay attention to the Steam release of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, the silent and indirect successor to Duke3D. Just like Blake Stone, many players hardly know it ever existed, which is a shame since Shadow Warrior features a lot of (adult) humor, awesome Asian action and superb level design. This improved re-release comes with some HD graphics, OpenGL support, a digitized soundtrack and the two "commercial" addons which actually never went commercial, "Twin Dragon" and "Wanton Destruction". But even better, the lost third addon, "Deadly Kiss", will apparently get added in the not-so-distant future as well.

And I almost forgot to mention the Shadow Warrior sequel, currently in development by Devolver Digital/Flying Wild Hog...

Time for you to digest this wall of text! Stay tuned for more...

2013-05-01 - Duke Nukem Forever... 2013!

So some of you guys might have seen the Duke Nukem Forever 2013 trailer which was posted on Youtube one month ago. While it was considered to be a nice joke, no one would have ever believed it was meant to be anything beyond an amusing mock-up to show what the actual Duke Nukem Forever was missing compared to the legendary E3 trailer from 2001.

We couldn't have been more wrong, folks...!

DNF 2013, final level 'Hoover Dam'

On April 30, Gambini put an announcement into the Duke4.net forums which changed pretty much everything. The trailer actually wasn't any hoax, it was showing actual ingame footage from a Duke3D mod which has now been unleashed on the world!

Spanning over five levels and providing about two hours of gameplay, Gambini, Mikko Sandt and a few other masterminds are delivering the awesomeness which could (or should) have been included with DNF in the first place! Master new weapons (Assault Rifle, redesigned RPG/Shrinker), fight new enemies (T-800, new types of Enforcers which fire lasers or freezer projectiles, tentacle soldiers and more), explore locations you know from the E3 trailer (e.g. EDF Headquarters, the Anderson Mines or encounters with the frightened girl and old Gus), ride a motorbike and the legendary donkey and, most importantly, enjoy some of the most entertaining Duke3D levels you might have played in ages!

It is impossible to put everything that could be said about this mod here, but I have posted a small review in the Duke4.net forums (also with some screenshots, and the thread contains more). Basically, all you need to do is to place the mod contents in a folder, put a copy of your duke3d.grp there as well and run the included batch file, done. Minimum effort, maximum enjoyment.

Stop wasting more time and get the "DAM" thing NOW over at ModDB!

2013-03-24 - SC-55 Music Pack v3.1

After two new music packs have been added recently, I have taken a look at the older SC-55 Music Pack once again and realized that its tracks are not normalized, resulting in a lower ingame volume than intended. I have taken care of that issue and uploaded an updated version (v3.1) which you can get from the Download section as usual.

This will serve as a placeholder release until MusicallyInspired finishes his work on v4.0 which should include these changes, also adding looping points featured in more recent EDuke32 snapshots.

2013-03-21 - Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition on Steam NOW!

Since March 20, the Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition is available on Steam! Besides the option to run the game in OpenGL or classic mode (via DOSBox), it also includes the addons Duke Caribbean, Duke It Out in D.C. and Nuclear Winter. These expansions were kind of hard to come by so far, so this is your chance to get the full package right now!

You will get a 10% discount if you buy until March 27, so anyone who is still missing this must-have title should seriously fix this as soon as possible!

2013-03-18 - Playing The Best Tunes In Town / HRP Progress

The first announcement of this year brings a double-pack for all those who would like to have even more options to choose from when listening to Duke3D music ingame!

Two new music packs have been added for your listening pleasure. While the first one addresses those who loved the Gravis Ultrasound back in the old days (beefed up with EAWPATS patches to sound even better than the original ever did), the second one utilizes the Fluid R3 soundfont, delivering crystal-clear music with great instruments. Duke music has rarely sounded better (at least concerning mere MIDI conversions), so it is definitely worth paying a visit to the Download section!

In other news, there has been some activity within the HRP SVN repository in the meantime. Among other stuff, the maphacks system has seen a revision, featuring support for custom maps without breaking hacks for the classic original levels. Also, Tea Monster released awesome high-quality Duke and Cycloid Emperor models back in February, meant as a goodbye present for the community. He will be missed, but his creative work will live on in our HRP (and hopefully elsewhere, too)!
When all this will be officially available in another public release has not yet been decided, but something around summer might be realistic, after everything has been tested and polished. Right now, we are talking about roughly 100 MB additional or changed content, so it's not bad at all.

2012-12-24 - Santa Duke Is Coming to Town...

Oh, Tidings of Comfort and Joy! Once again, the Duke is bringing some presents - and of course, this means you can get busy with playing until all those freaking aliens finally blow up in those nice, colorful explosions we all like so much. *That* is the Christmas spirit! Well, maybe at least for Duke... :)

Experts among you have already guessed what this is all about. And you are right: We went again into the depths of the SVN repository and compiled for you the latest Duke3D Highres Pack v5.2! Even though not too much new stuff has accumulated throughout 2012, many fixes and tweaks turn this into a rock-solid release. Especially those of you who are running EDuke32 in Polymost mode will be happy since you won't need a separate HRP any more. Be sure to check out the instructions on the Download page for details!

You can expect these changes in v5.2:

  • [FEATURE] Full Polymost compatibility (use parameter -hduke3d_hrp_polymost.def)
  • [UPDATE] New HUD weapon models for pistol and shotgun
  • [UPDATE] New hanging slime babe
  • [UPDATE] Improved crosshairs
  • [UPDATE] Polymer/Polymost adding/optimization for many textures
  • [FIX] FOV change for RPG, fixed animation for HUD Devastator
  • [FIX] Model fixes for Trooper
  • [FIX] Rotation corrections for various models
  • [FIX] Activation of various "forgotten" textures throughout the HRP
Just like last year, there is also an update for Duke It Out in DC again: DukeDC HRP v1.57 hits the streets! It adds three new models (for trees) and one of the last missing posters. The biggest improvement should be the music: All OGG tracks have finally been normalized (i.e. they have the same volume), come with a higher bitrate and feature all-new recordings for the MIDI conversions (using the amazing FluidR3 soundfont). Reason enough to check it out again after such a long break!

While browsing the net, I also found a nicely written Techgage article about Duke3D and our HRP by Rob Williams from November 2012. It's always great to see some online coverage of our project. Definitely worth checking out!

So, since the apocalypse predicted for December 21 apparently did not kick in once more: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you from the Duke3D HRP team! Don't forget to keep your RPG launchers close to you - you never know when you might need it...

2012-09-15 - Status update

Half a year has gone by again already... insane how quickly time passes. Some of you may have been wondering what is going on in the meantime. Well, regarding the HRP project, not THAT much. If you take a look at the SVN repository, you see that mostly tweaks have been applied to existing content, some Polymer versions here, some Polymost versions there, fixes for some glitches etc. Since August, actually no additions have been made at all.

I have been inactive due to RL issues for the better part of this year so far, but I intend to return soon. Even more so since Parkar has asked me to move him to "retired" status officially in the Contact section now. He is more or less not involved in the project any more, so it makes sense to do it like this. As far as I am concerned, I will keep doing what I can to push some releases when it makes sense, and of course I remain available for email support in case you guys have some questions.

Hopefully, the general inactivity is again only a temporary one and we can think about another HRP version later this year, ideally around Christmas. It has become some sort of tradition to issue something at that time, and I hate to break with traditions. :)

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